Feb 10, 2017

Posted 9 minutes ago

Brother Dave’s Weekly Thought. Volume 1, Issue 1

Dear Friends in the Lord,

I am starting a new leadership/spiritual endeavor with you. I am going to send you a weekly inspirational thought every Thursday and Friday of the week. The goals of the plan are simple: one, for us to get to know each other better, two, so we can all be inspired to stay on track with what God is calling us to as a church, and three, to inspire us to pray for each other as we walk with the Lord together. If you know of anyone who has an email address, but not getting this email; please send me their email addresses. I want to share my thoughts with everyone in our church.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish:

but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 KJV

In case you haven’t heard, at Chickasaw UMC during the month of February, we are focusing on the vision of our church. Our vision as a church can be summarized in three words: Connect, Grow, and Inspire. We will work for the Lord together as we will: Connect people to Jesus and each other, Grow deep and wide, and Inspire a spiritual legacy for all. I will be sharing in these weekly thoughts and in my preaching about each part of our vision statement during the month of February. Today though, I want to share about vision itself.

  1. The best place to start is what do I mean with this simple, six letter word – ? Like many other words, vision has more than one definition. In some usages speaks of seeing something that is not there. In its adjective form vision speaks of how well one’s eyes are working. For us as a church, we are speaking of vision as being the God-inspired future that He wants to get us to. To wind up at any desired destination, one must make wise choices and do some hard work to get there. We have all heard the joke, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will sure wind up somewhere else.” For us as Jesus’ disciples, we must remember that is God’s vision and He has a lot responsibility and interest in helping us get there. The first thing I want us all to remember is that God is going to help us get there if we are seeking to listen to our Lord.

In the above scripture, vision is spoken of being necessary for a group of people to survive. You can’t help but think, “Surely groups of people can continue on to function and exist without vision.” Ok, we can probably agree that a clear vision helps people be more successful, but do they need it to survive? Let’s think of all the nations that have come into existence, but are no longer around. Human history is full of kingdoms and empires that have perished. Or in our own lifetimes, let’s think of the corporations that were once very successful, but no longer exist. What ruins companies, governments, and organizations? If you can be successful for a period of time, why can’t they last? Yet, some nations and companies do last and prosper. I think a lack of a clear vision is what leads organizations, businesses, and governments to their death. A clear vision that is understood and lived out is the game changer between the organizations that do well and those that perish.

There is the force at work in people that theologians call “original sin”. People today call it plain old human selfishness. If a group of people unite for a cause and lose their sense of vision, they soon gravitate to doing thing that feel good to one’s ego. The needs and objectives of the organization are lost. People just want to feel important and validated, so that becomes their objective. On the other hand, with a clear vision, especially one given by God, people can sacrifice, work hard, dream big, forgive each other’s mistakes, and accomplish amazing things together. That amazing working together successfully is why we need a vision. For now, let’s just be learning and thinking about what our vision is. Or better yet, let be learning about what is God’s vision for us.

Quick PS. Please be in worship at either 9:00 or 11:00 this coming Sunday as Phil King will be sharing from the book Nehemiah about how God fulfilled his vision for His people. I know there is a thinking out there that says if the preacher isn’t there I don’t have to be there. Please show courtesy to Phil by being in worship to hear and experience the message that the Lord has led him to share with us. Phil has graciously become very involved in our congregation.

Second PS. The administrative Council unanimously voted last night on the location of the outdoor cooking pavilion and for the purchase of Crepe Myrtle trees as well as Camellias for the parking lot island. A big “thanks” goes to the individuals who gave the money for the cost of the pavilion, Bryan McGrew for getting such great rates on the trees and shrubs, and the men’s club for planting the trees and shrubs on Saturday.