The Ministry of Hospitality

Posted 1 year ago

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have
shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

The Meriam-Webster Dictionary defines hospitality as “generous and friendly
treatment of visitors and guests”. The ministry of hospitality is a truth that runs
through the whole Bible. Abraham took steps to establish his covenant with God by
inviting some strangers into his tent in Genesis 18:2-5. Jesus’s disciple, Matthew,
invited all his sinful friends to a party so they could meet Jesus also. We are all
familiar with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25 about whenever we serve people in need
we are serving Jesus. The time in the life of the early church when the book of
Hebrews was written was a time when the persecution of Christians was growing at
an alarming rate. The people of God were becoming afraid of people that they
didn’t know because it could be a “set-up” for an arrest. Right there in the middle of
that time of crisis God sends this amazing word, “be kind to strangers.” Then, the
author of the book of Hebrews goes the extra mile under the Spirit’s leading and
says we can actually be kind to angels without knowing it by being kind to

The call to Christian hospitality goes all the way back to the truth that when we
were once far away and strangers to God, He welcomed us in. The entire message
of the Christian Gospel is based on this idea. From this extravagant hospitality, we
see that our Lord calls us to hospitality as well. As much as we would like to think
that hospitality would come naturally like breathing, this is not so. We must decide
to be people of hospitality and learn the art from our Heavenly Father. To describe
hospitality using one word picture, I think it is an attitude of wearing a special set of
glasses so that you see people differently, especially those who are new to our
church. I believe as we move forward as a church we will make some organized
efforts to show hospitality to “our own” and to “strangers.” At the same time, we
must be all the more intentional to wear the glasses of hospitality at all times. As we
live out this hospitality as a church, our Lord will be glorified as people see the
hospitality of God lived out through us.

God Bless
Dave Rhodes