Connect With Ministries

We Nurture People in Christian Living

Our congregation’s mission is to nurture people of all ages in the Christian faith and to help them practice the disciplines of discipleship.  We come to church not only for our own personal enrichment but also to prepare ourselves to do the work of love and to get ready to be Christ’s disciples in the community.

01. Mike's Food Pantry

Chickasaw UMC operates a food pantry to serve those who do not have adequete food in their homes.  We give out food 24 times a year, on the first and third Tuesday of each month.  Any one who has a need for food is welcome to come to the church between 9:00 and 11:00 am every first and third Tuesday of the month.  

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02. Kids4Christ

Kids4Christ is open to all Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.  We meet every Wednesday following the supper (5:20pm) from 5:50pm-7:30pm during the school year.

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03. EPIC

Excellent Pre-Teens Inviting Christ, or EPIC for short, is open to all 4th Grade and 5th Grade students.  We meet  every Wednesday following the supper (5:40pm) from 6pm-7:30pm during the school year.

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05. Reconnect On Wednesdays (ROW)

Reconnect On Wednesdays, or ROW for short, is an opportunity for friends and families to come together in the middle of the week for fellowship.  We are a two service church and we sometimes miss people on Sundays that we want to see.  At ROW we can meet up, sit back and enjoy each other's company.  Join us at 5:40-6:30 PM for a prepared meal.  All we ask for is donations and to RSVP.  You can RSVP by calling (251) 452-3461.  After dinner, you can get involved in one of our many Life Group activities from kids to adults.  Come see what ROW is all about.

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06. Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir worships during the 11:00 AM Traditional Service.  This is our largest group and is great for those who are new and veterans to singing in choir.  We do a wide variety of music from contemporary choral music to traditional music.  During the Summer season we break out those good old Souther Gospel songs.   

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07. True North Praise Team

True North Praise Team worships during the 9:00 AM Contemporary Service.  This is a small group that sings contemporary music.  This group sings with personal microphones and has a lot of fun creating great music together.

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08. Music In Our Schools

Our church has been a fixture in this community for almost 80 years.  It is an honor and a privilege to join Chickasaw Schools in developing successful, well-rounded students and help them to realize their full potential!   All lessons provided will be standard curriculum from the National Standards for Music Education for Public Schools.  We will be sending home a monthly newsletter with details about each lesson.   

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09. Men's Club

Our Chickasaw Methodist Men's Club meets every third Sunday of the month at 7:30 AM for breakfast and devotionals.  Our Men's Club continues to build wheelchair ramps for people throughout the Chickasaw community.  All materials are paid through donations.

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10. Next Generation

Chickasaw UMC is committed to reaching our Next Generation!  We have ministry opportunities from “cradle to college” – all of which our built upon our church’s foundational mission statement of Loving God, Building Relationships, and Serving the World.

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