05. Reconnect On Wednesdays (ROW)

What We Offer

Reconnect On Wednesdays, or ROW for short, is an opportunity for friends and families to come together in the middle of the week for fellowship.  We are a two service church and we sometimes miss people on Sundays that we want to see.  At ROW we can meet up, sit back and enjoy each other's company.  Join us at 5:40-6:30 PM for a prepared meal.  All we ask for is donations and to RSVP.  You can RSVP by calling (251) 452-3461.  After dinner, you can get involved in one of our many Life Group activities from kids to adults.  Come see what ROW is all about.

Starting March 2017, our Kids4Christ (Kindergarten-3rd Grade) and EPIC (4th-6th Grade) will be eating from 5:20-5:50pm.  This will allow for our new programing for these 2 groups.